Miami based modern artist Vanessa Velib, was born in central Mexico in 1994 and studied fine arts at both Fusion Art Academy and Art Connection Institute in Texas. 


In 2012, she began to exhibit her work internationally in group shows such as Biennale Miami, Wynwood art Galleries, ''50 contemporary International Women Artist'' in Dubai and in many other exhibitions as part of art Basel Miami. In January 2016 she had her first solo show in New York City and then she did a solo tour around Mexico to exhibit her art. 


Velib finds inspiration on the most elementary impulses of man and nature to create abstract art pieces that are based in rich color and texture combinations. The larger part of her work is composed by oils and mixed media of wood and stainless steel that illuminate its unique contrast between rustic and modern styles.


Her skills and her passion to share her colorful artwork to the world continue to rise and evolve.





 S T A T E M E N T 


My work focuses on giving shape to the most elementary impulses of man and nature; impulses that nowadays we try to repress and hide.

We all are more than what we pretend to be. The different layers and materials of my assemblies represent what really moves us. Whoever connects with my work connects with hidden emotions. As an artist, it is at that moment when you realize that the feeling that you embodied in your work is no longer yours, it is no longer personal, you have lent it to the world and now the world has a mean to contemplate its own hidden feelings.

At first, my first paintings were based on what I observed on the outside: landscapes, animals, plants, people ... The interesting thing came later, when the need to capture what was happening inside arose. It was there when I evolved to a more abstract style, a style with greater freedom to express the ephemeral and the amorphous. But for me, the abstract works of other artists were very similar to each other so, to develop my own label, I began experimenting with amalgams of different materials to finally get an assembly of different paintings and not just one.

My current work talks about the contrast between wood and steel. The wood is carved to generate depth, shapes and unrepeatable organic textures. Steel is the modern element that cools down the warmth of the wood, giving the final assembly a balance between the rustic and the contemporary. On a symbolical plane, the assembly represents the everlasting battle between what we feel and what we show to the world

My biggest influence in achieving this concept has been my own story. As a child I used to play with my dad's woodworking tools to discover the shapes inside the wood veins. Each hit of the chisel was a surprise since each piece of wood encloses unique colors and lines. On the other hand, as I was growing up and entering the artistic environment, I realized that my appearance, age and academic background influenced more than my talent at the time of showing my art. In this regard, my work is also an act of rebellion against these prejudices, which, like steel on wood, hide the unexpected essence of each person.


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